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Monday, August 14, 2006

Design your webpage with visitors in mind. Optimize your images to reduce the load time – Part 2

As I tried to point in the previous post, keep in mind your web page load time whenever you design your web page. If your visitor is on dial-up connection, waiting for your page to load can produce an empty screen for 10 or more seconds. That would be enough for them to give up and forget your site.

The physical location of your website images is important. Usually, overseen mistake is usage of same image files from different locations on your website. Check following example with logo.jpg image:

Page1.Html has
<Img Src-="/images/logo.jpg" &#62

Page2.Html has
<Img Src=”/company/images/logo.jpg” &#62

Example like above can be even worse if you have the same image on several different locations because you are not reusing your images. If your images are centrally located and only a single copy exists for all of them, (ALL OVER YOUR SITE, not just each page individually) each image is loaded only once when visitor hits your site first time. All other instances of the same image are loaded from visitor’s machine cache, producing less network traffic (which takes time, especially on dial-up connection) and faster web page load.

More to come…

Cheers, Marin

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