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Monday, August 07, 2006

Website Hosting and Development - What is this blog about?

A Website is your Home on the Internet. Building it is the same as building any new business; it can be very simple, fast and cheap. But it can be very tedious, time consuming and expensive too. With a simple, fast and cheap solution that is exactly what you are going to get, A CHEAP website that will not serve a purpose, won't attract potential users to come again. Sooner or later it will become your hobby site that will not bring any visitors. On the other hand, if you aim way too high you can spend months in planning, development and design, a big deal of money can run out of your pocket and, at the end you will (probably) get what you want. In that case, you need experienced people that can put things together, manage this project with maximum effectiveness and keep your expenses on an acceptable level.
I will try to follow a smooth path, which will explain each individual step and procedure, give you a clear guideline on how to accomplish all your goals and to tell you what follows.
Watch for my new posts on this blog and you will get a valuable info that you can count on.


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