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Monday, August 07, 2006

Convereting your Idea into functional Website

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So you have a GREAT Idea for your new Website, but how to do it?

Your business idea is essential. You set your goals, define and follow all the steps required to accomplish them and results are there. Now is it the same whenyou want to do it on the web? Well, there are several answers to it, each dependson many different factors, such as scale of your website idea, how soon you want tot publish it, what is your budget… Combinations are endless. Each has its own path, some are short and easy, some are complicated with almost impossible realization, but most are somewhere in between.

I believe that it is really rare to have a good website idea that is impossible to realize. It all depends on proper planning, so let's start with it.

You can think of your Idea as pyramid, you are at the base of it, with lot of widespread options. At the top is your goal, your website idea that should be realized. If you look at this pyramid as an Egyptian monolith structure you might get scared,but if you look closer you will realize that this is more Aztec stepped pyramid, with stairways following sure path from the wide base to the top. From now on we will have Aztec pyramid on our mind.

Start planning from the top and realization from the bottom.

You need to have well defined process. Put your main goal at the top of your pyramid. Now move one step below. Which steps do you need to accomplish in order to get to the top? That will be your intermittent goals. Now think about each of them as a small pyramid. Each of them has its goal at the top and you have to move another step below. Break it into smaller steps and do it as long as you need to get all stepson the level that is easy to accomplish.

When you have defined your plan you can start with realization. This could be tedious and exhausting process. To succeed you needs a strong quality control and assurance. Once when you have all your small pyramids aligned start from the base. Spread feely all that you have, regardless if it is directly related to your idea or not. Spend some time and be creative, let the creative juices flow, let sparks fly!

Next step in realization is to see what elements that you have can be used to realize your first level of goals. In short the whole process can be represented as the following:

  • Identify your goal
  • Set quality standards for each level. Higher level should inherit accomplished quality from lower level
  • Recognize interim steps that lead to accomplishing stepped goals
  • Complete all steps on the lowest - widest level of your pyramid
  • After finishing each level of interim goals check if they fulfill your project quality, if not, return one step below and improve steps that failed below your quality standards
  • Go to the higher level when all goals from lower levels have been accomplished with quality standards As you can see, the process is not that complicated. If you define all steps required and follow the path you will be there (sooner or later).
Good Luck!

Cheers, Marin
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